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Why Us?

Our objective is to foment the interactivity between the companies of the sector through events, activities and dynamics that we ourselves organize to promote their development and so that they can establish links with the industry.

  • Associate certificate issued by the Cluster.

  • Participation in monthly meetings of the year.

  • Business presentation at a Monthly Meeting.

  • Dissemination of the sponsorship and the company in all the organized events and that the Cluster participates.

  • Educational link with the main institutions of higher education and research centers in the country.

  • Reception of newsletter.

  • Publication in the newsletter of your business information and even summary of research articles or national news of interest to the sector.

  • Discount in the trainings and seminars organized by the Cluster.

  • Presence on the Cluster website.

  • Institutional support for participation in international fairs such as Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD & M) East and MD & M West.

  • Projection at national and international level.

  • Links for the transfer of technology and knowledge (news, special events, ...)

  • Possibility of hosting a monthly meeting and / or Cluster event. (Schedule in advance)

  • Publication of the company and its events in our social networks

  • Information on financial statements and their management